Social benefits

Reducción de las tasa de captura incidental de aves marinas

To provide the ship owners with a set of standard technical measures developed collaboratively  based on the means available and compatible with the activity onboard which they can use in the short term guaranteeing the significant reduction of the incidental catch of seabirds.

To involve the ship owners and their workers and make them aware of the problem in a way that they feel as an active and important part of the solution.

To improve with tangible facts the wrong idea that certain social sectors have about the fisheries sector.

To contribute to the recovery of seabirds preserving their biodiversity and avoiding their extinction to keep their perpetuity.

The behavior of the different species of birds despite of being flexible and adjustable becomes modified when searching for food as they identify fishing vessels as suppliers of trophic sources which implies the reduction of efforts. The expected measures would reduce significantly this availability in a way that these species should adopt again their old habits and etiologic uses attached to their singularity of unique species.

To reduce the rates of involvement of fisheries populations by different parasites, thus implying benefits in terms of the organoleptic quality of raw material from fisheries and a less incidence of parasites over consumers and a reduction in the health risk.